The ongoing tensions between Thea Hail and the duo of Jazmyn Nyx and her supposed coach Jacy Jayne came head-to-head as Jazmyn made her televised NXT debut only to be ruined by the reinducted member of the Chase-U faction.

On tonight’s edition of WWE NXT, Thea Hail made her way to the ring flanked by the entire Chase-U clan while Jazmyn Nyx was supported by the conniving Jacy Jayne ringside in her first-ever bout on TV.

The match was a fast-paced bout that had multiple interesting spots to witness, starting with Jacy’s tactics to have Chase-U ejected from ringside, Thea Hail and Jazmyn Nyx go back-and-forth and even an unnoticed slap by Jayne onto the face of Hail.

However, all of her plans as Thea Hail rolled back Jazmyn for a deadly armbar submission making her tap out and as it was visible, causing a nasty snap to her arm as she released the hold.


The ending of the match saw Jacy Jayne and Thea Hail brawling with Kiana James and Izzy Dame and Kelani Jordan and Fallon Henley coming to the aid of them respectively closing their time on television in utter chaos as tensions remained unresolved between both sides of the NXT Women’s division.

What are your thoughts on Thea Hail emerging victorious over Jazmyn Nyx in her televised debut? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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