Santana and Ortiz, known for their dynamic performances in AEW since their debut in 2019, have been considered true originals within the company. However, Santana’s departure from AEW has left many fans reflecting on his contributions to the promotion and speculating about his future endeavors.

Amidst his absence from AEW programming, Santana confirmed in an interview with Chris Van Vliet that discussions with WWE have taken place. He disclosed that WWE had initially reached out to him and Ortiz when their TNA contracts were expiring, but they ultimately chose to sign with AEW.

Reflecting on his current situation, Santana emphasized his desire to join a promotion where he can continue to grow and contribute to something special. While he remains open to all possibilities, he expressed a preference for being part of a meaningful project rather than simply being another name on the roster.

“Yeah, I’ve had some discussions [with WWE]. I’ve been very open with everybody, you know. Right now, it’s just about going where I can grow the most. I don’t want to just be another guy on the roster. I’ve already done that. I want to be part of something special, you know? Thankfully, I’ve been smart with money, so I’m not hurting. I’m taking my time with things, and I just want to have fun.”


As Santana navigates his next career move, the possibility of a stint in WWE NXT looms on the horizon. With his talent and potential, Santana could find new opportunities for growth and success within the WWE system.

The future for Santana remains uncertain, but fans eagerly await his next chapter in the wrestling world. Whether he ultimately decides to join WWE or pursue other ventures, Santana’s passion for the industry and dedication to his craft will undoubtedly shape his journey ahead.

Do you envision Mike Santana thriving in WWE down the line? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below as the wrestling world awaits his next move!

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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