CM Punk, Drew McIntyre, and Seth Rollins shook up the atmosphere on the March 25th episode of WWE RAW with promo that ignited excitement, capturing what fans often dub as “the feeling.”

In this electrifying exchange, each wrestler fired shots at the others, injecting a sense of spontaneity rarely seen in scripted wrestling segments. While WWE productions typically adhere to meticulous scripts, Fightful Select suggested that this particular promo took a more improvisational turn. Even some of the most emotionally charged promos in the past, presumed to be off-the-cuff, were meticulously scripted, revealing the artistry behind the scenes.

However, sources have indicated that this time, there was a general outline, allowing the talent to unleash their creativity and see where it led.

“The buzzworthy promo saw each man taking shots at one another repeatedly during the show. It had a much more loose feeling, and if those in WWE are to be believed, it was as scripted as many other we’ve seen. This would seem obvious in the past, but even some of the most emotional promos that many thought weren’t scripted, ended up being scripted word for word. Instead, the claim internally is that there was a general outline, and are told that the talent knew they were all going to just go for it and see what happens.”


Adam Pearce, credited as the producer, orchestrated this segment, which was initially planned as a structured affair. However, CM Punk’s unscripted expletive caught WWE production off guard, prompting a gentle reminder to wrestlers to refrain from swearing on air.

Despite this spontaneous moment, backstage reports indicate no fallout or tension among the talent. Relations between CM Punk and WWE continue to appear positive, with no apparent disruptions following the impactful promo.

What are your thoughts on the dynamic exchange between CM Punk, Drew McIntyre, and Seth Rollins on the recent episode of WWE RAW? Do you believe the injection of spontaneity added to the excitement of the segment? Share your thoughts and reactions in the comments below!

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