The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes arrived at Monday Night RAW with only two weeks left before the most important clash of his life against Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal title at WrestleMania 40 to set things straight that the time for talk is over.

The winner of the 2023 and 2024 Royal Rumble matches opened tonight week’s edition of RAW to address the two WrestleMania matches looming in the shadows for him to rewrite the biggest wrong of his career from last year’s WrestleMania where he was screwed out of the World title by Reigns.

Realizing that the war would be not easy, Cody Rhodes asked for the support of the WWE Universe, berated The Rock and Roman Reigns for whining about not having their dream match, and led all the fans in the All-State arena in Chicago to point to the WrestleMania 40 sign with him.

At that very moment, The Final Boss, The Rock who was expected to be on RAW next week, made his shocking appearance to confront his foe, with the crowd in attendance erupting in shock and loud chants.


As both stood right across each other in the ring, The Rock whispered something to Cody, gave him a smirk, and chose to leave the ring with Rhodes looking visibly unsettled and taken aback by The People’s Champion’s antics tonight on RAW.

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Nikunj Walia

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