The ongoing feud between The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes and The Bloodline’s most powerful ally, The Rock has been one of the most exciting storylines in WWE today. With WrestleMania fast approaching, an NFL star has sided with Cody rather than The Great One.

Recently, NFL All-Pro Eagles player Brandon Graham in an interview with Gabby Laspisa stated that being an underdog himself, he had to side with Cody Rhodes instead of the biggest star in all Entertainment, The Final Boss, The Rock.

“I have always been the underdog, so I might had to go against The Rock on this one.”

The Rock has been on a mission to vanquish the We Want Cody movement, now including Brandon Graham as well, and derail The American Nightmare’s momentum as he heads to WrestleMania 40 to battle Rock’s iconic cousin, Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship and finish his story.


Moreover, he had even brought out his most villainous persona, verbally decimated their entire Rhodes family from time to time, and vowed that Cody would be leaving WrestleMania being handed the worst kind of embarrassment at the hands of him and the entire Bloodline.

With The People’s Champion set to appear on the go-home show of RAW for WrestleMania, it will be interesting to see the final verbal assault by The Final Boss as he himself gears up to return to the ring, teaming with up with Roman Reigns to battle Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins at WrestleMania Night 1 with major implications for Reigns vs Rhodes’ match on Night 2.

What are your thoughts on Brandon Graham siding with Cody Rhodes than The Rock? Sound off in the comments!

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