Mustafa Ali has embarked on a World Tour campaign after announcing his departure from WWE back in September 2023, making waves across various wrestling promotions. However, amidst his newfound success that has been moving money for indie promoters, Ali addressed a prevalent topic that raised plenty of times in his life

As we know, Mustafa Ali follows the religion of his father, who was a Pakistani and does fasting for the occasion of Ramadan, observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting, reflection, and community.

He took to his Instagram to address the situation of people coming up to him and appreciating leaving his nutrition in the name of god for the entire month and wrestling during that time period.

Ali clearly stated that while he appreciated people’s concern and found it easy to adapt to the situation as the years went by, it always reminded him of the people of Gaza, fighting hunger and starving to death with the world not doing anything for them. Moreover, he himself felt terrible for their situation and vowed to make a change for them while asking people to keep them in their prayers.


“I am sorry for the ramble but I just needed to write this. Please keep the oppressed in your prayers.”

Mustafa Ali is currently a part of the TNA roster, where he recently defeated Chris Sabin for the X-Division Championship at the No Surrender show last month. With Ali already off to an incredible start to his new tenure, we will have to wait and see if he will be able to reach the heights of success he missed during his time in WWE.

Do you agree with Mustafa Ali’s thoughts regarding the people of Gaza amidst his Ramadan fasting? Sound off in the comments!

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