Bayley’s decision to trust Dakota Kai as a friend against IYO Sky and the Kabuki Warriors at WrestleMania 40 proved to be deceptive when Kai betrayed her. Since then, a lot has unfolded. In fact, Kai issued a warning to Bianca Belair after SmackDown this week.

During the March 22 episode of WWE SmackDown, Asuka and Kairi Sane from Damage CTRL aided IYO SKY in defeating Naomi. Following the match, Dakota Kai and the rest of the group asserted their dominance by attacking Naomi and overpowering Bianca Belair when she attempted to intervene and make the save.

In a SmackDown Exclusive, Dakota Kai reflected on Damage CTRL’s successful night, emphasizing their dominance and determination to continue standing tall. Regarding her upcoming match against Bianca Belair, Kai exuded confidence, acknowledging their shared history and emphasizing her advantage of having a supportive crew. She warned Belair that she would face the consequences next week, confidently declaring her impending defeat.

“[Laughs] Bianca, I know you’ve had my number since day one, okay? We both started at the Performance Center together. We’ve been entwined since then. But you know what I have that you don’t? A crew, a crew that’s been standing tall on SmackDown. So I’ll see you next week, and you’re gonna get what’s coming to you. See you then, Bianca. You’re done.”


Dakota Kai even revealed why she betrayed Bayley. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen whether Dakota Kai will be able to thwart Bianca Belair, as it is clear that this highly anticipated fed is far from over.

Do you believe Dakota Kai has any chance of defeating Bianca Belair? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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