AEW sensation Ruby Soho is an avid admirer of WWE’s Bayley. Having spent nearly four years alongside each other in WWE, Soho acknowledged that she gleaned a wealth of knowledge from the accomplished former WWE Women’s Champion.

In recent interview with Baker Banter, Soho delved into her affection for Bayley and shared her reflections on the dissolution of Damage CTRL.

“I adore Bayley. Bayley is just an amazing person, and how absolutely brilliant she is when it comes to professional wrestling and the way she sees it is really honestly something I am so fortunate to have gotten to learn from. To be able to call her my friend, I am very, very fortunate for that. She’s the best.”

“I thought it was a great group. But honestly, I am living proof that a lot of those groups, and a lot of those factions, don’t last forever. It happens, unfortunately.”


The two stars had almost four years of overlap on the WWE main roster from 2017 to 2021. During that time, the two matched up for four singles matches, including a preshow match at Backlash 2018.

Looking back, Ruby Soho’s admiration for Bayley and their time together in WWE show how friendships in wrestling can leave a lasting impact. Even though groups may break up and things change, the lessons learned and respect remain. As Soho moves forward in AEW, her bond with Bayley reminds us of the importance of friendship and learning from each other in the wrestling world.

How do you perceive Ruby Soho’s admiration for Bayley and her acknowledgment of the influence Bayley has had on her career? Leave a comment down below.

Nick Oldenburg

Lifelong wrestling fan with previous writing work in the O'Colly, Hardwood Heroics, and Dallas Morning News. Favorite wrestlers are Gunther and Iyo Sky.

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