WWE has recently faced a significant departure within its executive ranks, marking a notable shift in the company’s leadership landscape.

In the midst of ongoing organizational changes within WWE, a key figure with a longstanding tenure has bid farewell to the company. According to PWinsider, John Porco, who served as the Executive Vice President of Live Events for WWE, departed from his role last month. His exit marks the end of an era for WWE, as Porco had been an integral part of the company for decades.

Porco’s journey with WWE began in June 1999, when he joined as a Public Relations Coordinator. Over the years, he steadily ascended through the ranks, showcasing his dedication and expertise. In 2002, he transitioned to the live events department, assuming the position of Director of Marketing. Throughout his tenure, Porco played a pivotal role in shaping WWE’s live events strategy and marketing efforts.

In recognition of his contributions, Porco continued to climb the corporate ladder, eventually attaining the role of Senior Vice President of Live Events Marketing in 2022. His wealth of experience and leadership acumen have left an indelible mark on WWE’s live events division.


Following Porco’s departure, Justin Scalise, the senior vice president of Live Event Marketing, has been appointed to succeed him in overseeing WWE’s live events operations. With his proven track record and deep understanding of the industry, Scalise is poised to step into this pivotal role seamlessly.

The news of Porco’s exit comes amidst a period of significant transformation for WWE, characterized by notable shifts in leadership and strategic direction. As the company continues to evolve in the ever-changing landscape of sports entertainment, Porco’s departure signals both the end of an era and the dawn of a new chapter for WWE.

While WWE bids farewell to a valued executive, the legacy of John Porco’s contributions to the company will undoubtedly endure, serving as a testament to his enduring impact on WWE’s live events legacy.

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