Jeff Jarrett has been in the wrestling scene since the 80s and at this point he has successfully cemented his name among the wrestling greats. The wrestling veteran has seen significant success across various promotions including WWE, WCW, TNA, and AEW. Currently serving as the Director of Business Development at AEW, Jarrett recently opened up about his career trajectory.

In a recent episode of My World with Jeff Jarrett, the wrestling veteran talked about his uncertain future in the ring. Jarrett recalled his participation in the 2018 Royal Rumble and explained that he initially believed that might mark the end of his active in-ring career. However, with his recent involvement in AEW and the unpredictable nature of wrestling, he finds himself uncertain about what the future holds.

“Honestly, I have not. I don’t, I truly don’t. We’ve said this. Rewind to even 2018, when I did the Royal Rumble and did a couple of things before I went into my full-time with those guys. I even thought in my head, I thought okay, that’s probably it. Maybe a cameo here and there, but I thought that. That’s six years ago. It’s crazy. So I would have never dreamed, Ric’s Flair’s last match, how all that rolled out. Would have never dreamed that.

So I definitely have no idea. Don’t give it any thought. I used to take things one year at a time. Now I just kind of take it a day at a time. I’m enjoying the hell [out of] what I’m doing. I think we, the group, it is an unusual group that has a dynamic that I’ve really never been a part of. Satnam, he is truly one-in-a-billion, and Jay’s skill set, Karen’s skill set, Sonjay’s skill set, it’s a unique package. We can be in a single, you can take any three of us, Jay was in the Continental Classic tournament just fine. You can take Satnam and give him a single run.


You can give me the one-offs like I’ve done against Orange Cassidy or the Texas Chainsaw. You can tag me and Jay up, and I think you can tag me and Satnam up, or Jay and Satnam up and let me manage. Just the climate in 2024, I think we’re diverse, and can plug and play just about anywhere. We did a flaming tables match on Collision. So no, I really don’t give it any thought,”

Jarrett also said that his focus is on enjoying the present moment and that he’s happy with the current role he has within AEW. Jarrett also praised the different skill sets of the group’s members, including Satnam, Jay, Karen, and Sonjay, emphasizing the “unusual” dynamic of their group.

Considering his longstanding career spanning decades, including notable stints in multiple promotions, Jarrett’s influence in the wrestling scene has yet to diminish. It remains to be seen how illustrious career comes to an end. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more!

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