In a nod that caught the attention of wrestling fans, John Cena responded to recent accolades from none other than Kenny Omega, also known as “The Cleaner.”

Omega took to his Twitch stream to express profound admiration for Cena, despite never having met him personally. Omega lauded Cena’s monumental contributions to the wrestling world, both within the squared circle and beyond. He emphasized Cena’s unprecedented achievements, highlighting his elevated status in the pantheon of wrestling stars and his unparalleled philanthropic endeavors.

”No, I have not [met Cena], but I think he’s great. Great professional wrestler. He’s done an incredible amount for the business, I don’t think anyone will be able to match anytime soon. The reason why is because Cena wasn’t doing anything for the sake of an accomplishment or trophy or recognition. People went out of their way after the fact to say, ‘look at all this stuff John is doing in his off time.’ Maybe he even laughs at it himself, but for the amount of effort he has put in to make people’s lives better, whether it be Make A Wish, fans at the arenas, or autograph signings, it’s a great example for what the face of a company should be or for the face of the industry. I’m a very big proponent of John Cena. I think he’s incredible.”

Cena’s presence extends beyond the ring, manifesting in various forms across social media platforms. While his Twitter and other online interactions often convey insightful messages of motivation, his Instagram remains canvas for cryptic images hinting at his musings or occasionally playfully teasing his audience. Recently, Cena made a conspicuous gesture towards Omega, signaling his acknowledgment of the tribute.


Omega’s wrestling journey has hit a temporary pause due to health concerns, notably diverticulitis, a condition that nearly claimed his life. Despite this setback, Omega’s determination to return to active competition remains unwavering. In the narrative of All Elite Wrestling, Omega finds himself relieved of his executive duties, a storyline development that mirrors real-life circumstances. However, Omega’s presence continues to loom large, as evidenced by his inclusion in promotional materials for AEW’s upcoming Canadian tour.

Meanwhile, Cena, balancing his roles in the entertainment industry, recently embarked on an extended stint in the WWE ring during a period of Hollywood strikes. With his sights now set on WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia, Cena expressed eagerness for a potential involvement in WWE’s marquee event. In a recent interview, he expressed optimism, keeping his “fingers crossed” for the opportunity to partake in what promises to be a momentous occasion in wrestling history.

How do you think the mutual admiration between John Cena and Kenny Omega could potentially influence the landscape of professional wrestling, particularly in terms of cross-promotional opportunities or future collaborations? Let us know in the comments.

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