Cody Rhodes rose to prominence in WWE, displaying his heroic persona, notably in a fiery confrontation with The Rock on RAW. Rhodes surprised fans by unleashing a barrage of expletives, deviating from WWE’s usual decorum. However, he faced criticism for constantly swearing in the promo.

During the latest episode of Monday Night RAW, The American Nightmare addressed The Rock’s recent tirade, particularly targeting his family during The Rock’s highly anticipated ‘Rock Concert’ segment on SmackDown.

Acknowledging Roman Reigns’ championship dominance, Rhodes shifted his focus to The Rock, challenging his portrayal as a villain. He questioned The Rock’s influence within the TKO Board and referenced the ‘We Want Cody’ movement.

Rhodes then addressed The Rock’s remarks about his mother, expressing admiration for The Great One’s mother while highlighting his own mother’s resilience. Rhodes didn’t hold back, labeling the veteran “an a******” and using more explicit language, a departure from the usual WWE script.


While speaking on the Busted Open Podcast, Bully Ray provided his take on the promo and made it clear he didn’t feel it was all that special.

“Here’s the reason I’m giving it a five: I didn’t love it, I didn’t hate it, it was right in the middle.”

Bully Ray further criticized Cody Rhodes’ response to The Rock, who verbally attacked Rhodes on SmackDown, even mentioning his mother. He criticized Cody Rhodes for swearing, which was unbecoming of a babyface.

“You have an uber babyface cutting a promo days after The Rock talked about his mother, and the only thing you can tell me is that you liked the curses? Not good if you’re the babyface.”

Bully Ray also questioned why he should be rooting for Cody Rhodes and hating The Rock.

“I understand that he said some things about Cody’s mom, but the crowd loved it. ‘Ahole’? Passe. ‘B**ch’? Passe. ‘Roman’s Sidechick’? Okay, whatever. And then ‘little d**k syndrome’? If the only thing that Cody would have said was LDS? If LDS was the only thing that he said? Okay, maybe.”

The reason for Cody Rhodes being an exception to the no-swearing rule was also revealed. In response to fan’s claim that Rhodes ‘cooked’ him with his promo, The Rock hinted at an impending retort, signaling a potential escalation in their ongoing feud. Nevertheless, many fans loved the promo and that’s what truly matters to them.

Are you in agreement with what Bully Ray had to say? Do you feel Cody Rhodes swearing was overdone? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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