The landscape of WWE NXT has always been the proving ground for young and upcoming talent who experiment with their character and tactics in preparation for the big leagues that lie ahead of them in the future.

On tonight’s episode of WWE NXT, rising star Roxanne Perez made a bold statement with her revamped persona, embracing her role as a villainous character. The show kicked off with Perez facing off against Tatum Paxley in a match that showcased her newfound attitude.

Sporting a fresh hairstyle adorned with vibrant blue streaks and accompanied by a revamped entrance theme, Perez left no doubt about her commitment to her heel turn that led to her submission victory over Paxley.

Expressing her impatience with NXT General Manager Ava’s handling of her situation, Perez demanded an NXT Women’s title match. However, instead of Ava, she was confronted by the injured and returning champion, Lyra Valkyria. Undeterred, Perez took matters into her own hands, unleashing a brutal assault on Valkyria and even targeting the champion, leaving her trapped in a punishing submission hold until referees intervened.


The chaos concluded with Perez standing tall over her fallen rivals and raising the Women’s Championship high above in her arrogance and defiance. Following a commercial break, Lyra demanded to get a piece of Roxanne which led to Ava making their title bout official for NXT Stand and Deliver in two weeks, where Lyra would look to extract her revenge while the Prodigy of NXT would look to unleash her hellish demeanor to reclaim what she believes is rightfully hers.

What are your thoughts on alterations made to Roxanne Perez’s character? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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