The debut of Mercedes Mone at the onset of AEW Big Business sparked immense excitement among fans, marking her official entry into the All Elite Wrestling roster.

While she embraces her new status as an AEW talent, Mone harbors ambitions beyond just joining a promotion; she aspires to do everything she desires in the land that offers her that opportunity.

During recent interview with ESPN, the CEO spoke about creating history with her AEW run kicking off on a high note and already garnering big business for the promotion as witness on her debut night.

“I’m all about creating history. I’m all about creating magic & I’m all about creating so much more. And that’s what AEW brings — so much more, more opportunity, more chances & more chances just to stand out & to be seen & noticed.


Moreover, Mercedes also stated that she can do practically everything she wants in AEW which can take her career to unprecedented heights.

“You can do so much more in AEW — you can do everything & for me, I want to do everything. So, this is the place for me to be & this is the place that I call home..”

Mercedes Mone is set to address the AEW audience after her debut on this week’s edition of Dynamite. Her transition to AEW is expected to inject fresh energy into the company’s women’s division. The full extent of her impact on AEW’s trajectory remains to be seen, but the arrival of the woman rumored to be the highest-paid woman in professional wrestling undoubtedly heralds exciting prospects for the promotion’s future.

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Nikunj Walia

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