WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray is known to express his opinions on various wrestling topics prevalent nowadays which often gets him into altercations with peers and fans alike.

Former WWE superstar Al Snow recently expressed concern regarding a topic surrounding Tony Khan’s AEW, fearing that someone from the roster may be on the verge of mortal danger. That led to a user on X getting into a verbal spat with him stating that wrestling has evolved to a great extent nowadays.

“Why are these old wrestlers so bitter and corny? Wrestling has evolved and gotten crazier. Evolve with the time.”

This caught the attention of the 9-time WWE tag team champion, Bully Ray who gave a befitting reply to the user via X, berating him for not understanding the risks involved in competing inside the squared circle.


“Vets. showing concern for the safety of younger wrestlers, who are taking deadly risks, is not corny and definitely not bitter. Taking higher, uncalculated risk, is a sign of regression, not evolution. You are just another “know it all” … who knows nothing at all. “Fkn A right. Everything was done w/ safety in mind in our TLC matches…but you wouldn’t know, because you’ve never stepped foot in a ring. Stay in your lane mouth breather. Now go home and get ya f*ckin shine box.

The verbal back-and-forth continued and ended with Bully Ray shutting down the fan, labeling him as ‘trash’ and asking him to crawl back into the sewer from where he came. Maybe this altercation would educate the audience that it is not what it looks like from outside the ring and help them gain more respect for the athletes who put their lives at risk for their entertainment.

Do you think Bully Ray was justified in firing back at the fan for his comments? Sound off in the comments!

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