Will Ospreay’s transition to AEW last year sparked considerable discussion within the wrestling community, marking his shift to a full-time role on the AEW roster. Reports emerged suggesting that some individuals within WWE were disappointed over Ospreay’s decision not to sign with the company.

During AEW Full Gear, Ospreay made waves with a significant announcement, revealing his intention to join AEW as a full-time competitor following the conclusion of his commitments with NJPW, slated to wrap up in February.

This declaration instantly propelled Ospreay into the spotlight as one of the most coveted free agents in the wrestling industry. Despite engaging in negotiations with multiple promotions, Ospreay ultimately chose AEW, citing a more appealing deal compared to WWE.

Dave Meltzer, speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, shed light on how some within WWE viewed Ospreay as a potential younger version of AJ Styles upon his arrival in 2016. Meltzer noted a sense of disappointment among certain individuals within WWE over failing to secure Ospreay, acknowledging his exceptional talent and charisma. He underscored that while Styles possessed remarkable abilities, Ospreay brought a different level of talent and personality to the table, leading some to believe he could have become a major player in WWE.


”With Will, it was just that they saw him as maybe AJ Styles when he first came in, maybe not even at that level because AJ Styles had a little bit of a name in the United States from TNA. Not realizing that again, he’s at a different level…and so much better personality, but I mean, the whole thing and more, so much more charisma.”

”But the thing is not that AJ doesn’t have charisma or anything like that and that he is not a great wrestler. AJ when he first came in there, and still now he’s a super talented guy, but the thing with Ospreay, it’s I know people in that company who are very, very high on him, and that were very upset. I don’t say very upset, but upset surely they didn’t get him because they knew he was this good. And they just thought that he’s a guy who can be like a real major player here.”

In response to Meltzer’s report, Ringside News reached out to a veteran source in WWE, who emphasized WWE’s ongoing success. They refuted any suggestion that WWE regretted not signing Ospreay, highlighting the company’s record-breaking business.

”We are doing record business every night. If Dave Meltzer wants to believe that we are sitting here kicking ourselves because a talent ended up getting paid more money for less dates by Tony Khan, then Dave Meltzer should get his head examined.”

Ringside News also clarified Triple H’s perspective on Ospreay and the successful WWE deal. Despite the initial high expectations surrounding Ospreay’s talent, fans eagerly anticipate how he will be booked as a top star in AEW in the coming months. While WWE may not be in Ospreay’s immediate future, the debate over his potential fit in WWE continues among fans.

Do you still feel Will Ospreay would have been a good fit in WWE in the end? Let us know in the comments section below!

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