Drew McIntyre is classified as WWE’s #1 hater right now thanks to his attacks against CM Punk and others. McIntyre’s current heel role is unlike anything fans have ever seen him so before, and now McIntyre has revealed just how much creative freedom he gets for his character.

Drew McIntyre was a fresh meat babyface for the past few years, especially during the pandemic where he was a 2-time WWE Champion. However, fans got tired of his character and that’s why they are more interested in McIntyre’s current heel gimmick.

While speaking on Gorilla Position, Drew McIntyre opened up about his journey of evolution within WWE, acknowledging a point where he felt the need to break out of his comfort zone. Feeling stagnant with the same routine and persona, McIntyre knew it was time to add layers and change things up. He expressed a desire to make a true difference at the top of the card and not just be a supporting player.

I was feeling what I was going through, what everyone was going through those emotions were very real but it got to a point where I knew we have to evolve. Like guess just doesn’t feel like the right fit anymore, I can’t just stay in the same spot and I’m coming out to the ring and people are like ”Oh there’s Drew, we love Drew, hi Drew.”


There we go but it’s just it’s this it’s just same old Drew, same hat, sword and smiling and whatnot and I was like all right we got to evolve we got to add some layers we got to change things up and I kind of went through that process of okay I’m old hat, I can be slid in wherever to help a talent you know elevated going through the legs, but it’s not working for me brother. Like I didn’t come here to make up the numbers I came here to be top of the card make a true difference to the overall show and I didn’t feel like we were doing it.”

In the past few months, McIntyre felt empowered to showcase his real self and tell authentic stories, thanks to the creative freedom granted by WWE’s collaborative creative team.

The Scottish Warrior compared this newfound creative freedom to his independent wrestling days, where he had full control over his character and storytelling. McIntyre emphasized that while it’s now a collaboration, his words and emotions are genuine, making the storytelling feel real and impactful.

”These past few months I really got given that opportunity to be the real me, show what’s going on inside tell whatever story you know you’re feeling you can tell and things are a little different. You can go into the past you can use whatever you want to help paint your picture and they gave me that blank canvas and I’ve been able to do with it what I want, obviously in collaboration with the writers and like our creative team are so phenomenal the way they set up the week to weeks I can’t think of that stuff.”

That’s what’s great about it they think of the bigger picture and where we getting to and each week I can paint my canvas to tell that story to get to the Final Destination it reminds me of my independent run where I finally was given full creative because it was basically you’re going to make money and be able to pay for your house and stuff.

Actually we got together and just got fired and you have nothing and it has to work yeah and I learned you know, how to draw money, how to be on top how to find myself I guess and it was all basically my stuff the entire time and now what you’re seeing now is a collaboration, but it’s very my words 100% And you can feel that you can feel it’s real you can feel I believe it because it is real that’s so good to hear so you’re really being given the freedom.”

We will have to wait and see whether Drew McIntyre’s heel character will continue to evolve and fans will get to see more layers of his gimmick, as they simply can’t get enough of him right now.

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