AEW Revolution proved to be one of the most enthralling pay-per-view shows in the history of the company displaying some exciting wrestling bouts and was headlined by the farewell match of The Icon Sting.

Sting and his long-time ally, Darby Allin successfully defended their AEW World tag team titles against Nicholas and Matthew Jackson, collectively known as The Young Bucks.

However, a major point of discussion that emerged on social media was the high-risk taking dive off the top of the ladder by Darby Allin, who landed straight on a glass table in one of the most dangerous spots ever seen in the business.

During recent conversation with TV Insider, AEW President Tony Khan opened up about the criticism faced for the spot, and his process when it came to approving such dangerous stunts, that ensured a level of safety in executing them.


“It has to be something safe. Whenever a wrestler comes in and wants to try something, especially dangerous, I just want to know that there is a safe way to do it. Darby Allin, every time, he has ever had an idea for a wild highsport or a crazy move, he has had a rationale and plan. Darby doesn’t take these things lightly. Nobody would have attempted the amount of crazy, wild, death-defying stunts Darby has done in his tenure and made it this far unless they are a methodical, organized planner. In Darby’s case, he is fanatical about finding a way to pull off the impossible and do these incredible, seemingly death-defying stunts. He always finds a safe way to pull them off. He always has a rationale for why he is able to do it. That’s what impresses me, the way Darby plans his matches and his biggest moves.”

Surprisingly, Darby Allin only required handful of stitches to close the wounds on his back from the dive and managed to continue the bout. Moreover, just a week removed from the show, he is scheduled to battle Switchblade Jay White on tonight’s special edition of AEW Dynamite, Big Business.

What are your thoughts on the way Tony Khan approached the process of planning Darby Allin’s dangerous dive? Sound off in the comments!

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