Mandy Rose has successfully transitioned from an in-ring competitor to a successful entrepreneur and top celebrity. But it seems that she still keeps an eye on the WWE product these days, giving out her prediction for the highly accelerating storyline involving The Rock and Roman Reigns.

The iconic Samoan duo joined forces a few weeks ago and are set to collide against their arch-rivals Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins in the main event of WrestleMania Night 1 with high-stakes implications for the Night 2 main event.

The former NXT Women’s champion recently stated that she received a fan e-mail who believed that The Rock would eventually turn on Roman Reigns and cost him the title. Mandy Rose agreed with that possibility during the recent edition of her Power and Play podcast.

“Jerry [Fan who sent the e-mail] said I feel The Rock will turn on Roman and cause him to lose the title. I agree with that. If there is one person to beat Roman, its got to be The Rock.”


This has been one of the speculations running rapidly ever since The Rock’s inclusion was announced for the road to WrestleMania 40, where Roman Reigns is also scheduled to defend the Undisputed WWE Universal title against Cody Rhodes.

Moreover, if The Rock does indeed turn on his cousin and cause him to lose the title, this would set the tone for one of the biggest matches in the history of WWE at a major PLE show, as it was reported previously that The Rock is slated to compete more than once this year.

Do you agree with Mandy Rose’s prediction? Will The Rock turn on Roman Reigns and cost him the title? Sound off in the comments!

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