Zelina Vega’s resurgence in WWE since her 2022 return has been remarkable, and she attributes much of her personal growth to Anime, particularly ‘Dragon Ball Z’ with Vega displaying the superfan inside her recently and inviting suggestions from fans regarding something related to it.

Tragically, news broke last week about the passing of Akira Toriyama at the age of 68. Toriyama, renowned for creating the iconic manga ‘Dragon Ball,’ and its subsequent series, succumbed to an acute subdural hematoma, a type of brain bleeding.

In a recent WWE live event, Zelina Vega and Naomi paid touching tribute to Akira Toriyama in the wrestling ring. The duo performed a ‘Fusion’ move inspired by ‘Dragon Ball,’ a technique where two characters merge, combining their strength synergistically.

Both WWE superstars expressed their joy over the same on social media, with La Muneca taking to her X to invite suggestions for the name of her and Naomi’s fused characters.


“ily @TheTrinity_Fatu !! Fused for life! 🥹 What should our fusion name be guys?! 🥰

At WWE Money in the Bank 2023, Zelina Vega expressed her DBZ passion by wearing an outfit reminiscent of the series villain, Frieza. Moreover, ‘Dragon Ball Z’ will always hold a significant place in pop culture, and it seems WWE stars like Zelina and Naomi will continue to keep it relevant in their own ways.

Do you have any suggestions for the name of the fused character of Zelina Vega and Naomi? Sound off in the comments!

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