Matt Hardy has accomplished a lot in his long and illustrious career, spanning decades and multiple companies. However, there could be a chance he might not stick with AEW as he has confirmed his contract will expire this month.

Matt Hardy joined AEW in March 2020 during the beginning of the pandemic. When Jeff Hardy joined AEW, there was an initial expectation that his contract would align in duration with his brother Matt’s. However, due to various factors, including injuries and periods of inactivity, this synchronization did not occur, leading to an extension of Matt Hardy’s contract.

It was reported that Matt Hardy’s contract was going to expire in March this year. While speaking on his Extreme Life podcast, Matt Hardy confirmed that his contract with AEW is set to expire in March.

Addressing the news that broke, he mentioned that the information didn’t come from him. Hardy expressed uncertainty about the future, stating that they have discussed it, and he’s open to feedback from listeners on what they think he should do next.


“So, as far as that goes with my contract, people had asked about my contract. And obviously, I’ve got (messages) after that news broke earlier today, and it didn’t come from me because no one had known anything about it. So once again, Sean Ross Sapp breaking the news. Yes, it is coming up in March.

“And we’ve spoke about it and we’ve talked about it and I guess we’ll see what happens. So we’ll see. If you listen to the podcasts, just give me your feedback. Tell me what you think I should do next.”

Matt Hardy expressed his ongoing support for whichever promotion he’s working for, likening the experience of moving between promotions to athletes switching sports teams.

Regarding his uncertain future, Hardy mentioned enjoying his time at AEW, highlighting his positive relationships with individuals like The Bucks and Tony Khan. While he expressed his contentment with AEW and his enjoyment of the locker room, he acknowledged that in the world of business, things can change, and he’s open to whatever comes next in his career.

“Ever since I came to AEW, I spoke with The Bucks first, I’ve been close with The Bucks. I’ve just said that a minute ago we’ve been great friends for a long time. And I’ve really enjoyed working with Tony Khan, he’s legitimately a very very good human being, so we’ll see.

“Business is business. Sometimes things change, you never know. I love AEW, I’m cool with staying with AEW, I really enjoy the locker room there. I enjoy being there, but if that’s not what happens and that’s not what happens, life goes on. So I’m good.”

At the age of 49, Matt Hardy has been involved in only one match in 2024, a significant contrast to his active wrestling schedule in 2023. In the previous year, he participated in over 40 matches, both within and outside of AEW. It remains to be seen whether Matt Hardy will re-sign with AEW in the end.

Do you feel Matt Hardy will sign a new contract with AEW in the end? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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