LA Knight is proof that organic growth in WWE is still alive and kicking, considering how over he is right now. It helps that he worked extensively with John Cena last year, but Knight has now revealed one wrong move he did with Cena last year.

At the Payback Premium Live Event, LA Knight squared off against The Miz with John Cena as the special guest referee. The match featured heated moment between Knight and Cena, but Knight would pull off the win.

After the match, when John Cena attempted to raise LA Knight’s hand, Knight had some remarks to make before ultimately agreeing to Cena’s gesture.

While speaking on Gorilla Position, LA Knight explained that after winning, he hesitated when Cena went to raise his hand. Despite advice suggesting he should have immediately accepted the gesture, Knight chose to trust himself and his instincts, and Cena affirmed that he did the right thing for himself.


“Had the match with The Miz, here is Cena as the guest referee. I win that match, there is the back and forth we had. We’re at the entryway, it’s me and John, he goes to shake my hand, and I kind of hesitate, and I come up and am jaw-jacking with him. I kind of acquiesced and he raises the hand. I get to the back and somebody says, ‘You can’t do that to John. That’s John Cena. You can’t just shake his hand, you raise his hand.’ I was like, ‘Thank you, I see your advice, I see why you would say that, but I have to trust myself in this process and trust who I am and what I’m doing.’ When I talked to John, he was like, ‘You did the right thing. You did the right thing by you.”

At WWE Fastlane, Cena and Knight teamed up to defeat Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso. According to Knight, when Cena went to raise LA Knight’s hand, Knight pulled away, creating a moment reminiscent of their tension in the match against The Miz. Cena acknowledged the move, understanding that Knight was asserting himself and maintaining the storyline tension.

“At Fastlane, the match ends, he goes to raise my hand, and I pulled out. When I did that, he goes, ‘You son of a bitch.’ He knew then. He wanted to give me a hand raise, and at that point, I b**** to call back to the moment we had at The Miz match where we had the tension. He wanted to raise the hand, ‘No, we’re not doing that,’ boom, give him the respect.”

LA Knight also disclosed his relationship with John Cena beyond the ring. John Cena truly ensured to put over LA Knight as much as possible last year. We will have to wait and see if Cena and Knight will work together again in the future.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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