Sting’s retirement match drew a star-studded audience of wrestling legends, including Magnum T.A, Lex Luger, and Nikita Koloff, who witnessed Sting and Darby Allin emerge victorious against The Young Bucks in Tornado Tag match at AEW Revolution.

Adding to the nostalgia, Ricky Steamboat served as the guest timekeeper, while Ric Flair stood by as moral support for The Icon. However, behind the scenes, Flair had his own ideas for the match.

According to Conrad Thompson on the What Happened When? podcast, Flair expressed a desire to turn on Sting one last time, attempting to convince Thompson to advocate for the idea with Tony Khan.

Thompson recalled Flair’s insistence, stating, “‘Conrad will you go talk to Tony? You’re friends with him, just go talk to him.'” Flair believed that his betrayal would be “best for business” and even mentioned to Thompson, “‘It’s only worked 10 other times.'”


Despite Flair pitching the idea to Khan, he wanted Thompson to reinforce the notion, but Thompson suggested that Flair, being part of the storyline, should have the conversation himself.

In the end, Flair opted to support Sting in the main event of Revolution, but his involvement backfired as he received a pair of superkicks from The Young Bucks during the match. This decision added a dramatic twist to Sting’s retirement bout, highlighting the ongoing rivalry between Flair and The Icon throughout their illustrious careers.

Do you think AEW should have booked Ric Flair to turn on Sting? Let us know in the comments below.

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