Paul Heyman is known to be one of the remarkable figures of the wrestling industry who has managed to stand the test of time and remain relevant to this day in the modern era.

Moreover, his time being Roman Reigns’ Special Counsel and The Wiseman to his Bloodline has been very much prevalent in the WWE landscape today. However, his relationship with the Samoan Dynasty runs back to decades.

A user on X posted a clip of a tag team match from WCW between Bobby Mercedes and Joe Cruz against The Samoans, consisting of Rikishi and his partner Samula Anoa’i flanked by Paul Heyman (then known as Paulie E Dangerously).

The user noted that Paul Heyman’s relationship with The Bloodline has been for nearly 35 years. Rikishi himself took to his X to acknowledge the fact that The Wiseman is indeed a huge part of their blood.


“🩸 with the wiseman runs deep ☝🏾and still.”

Paul Heyman’s contributions to the superstars and the business will be immortalized in Philidelphia this year, as he is set to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2024, a coveted spot he has rightfully earned.

Do you acknowledge Paul Heyman’s three-decades-long relationship with The Bloodline? Sound off in the comments!

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