AEW has undergone significant changes over the years, experiencing various developments in different aspects, including their overall presentation. AEW Dynamite is set to receive a new stage design, and the first look at it has now been revealed.

The company is determined to make 2024 a memorable year, and the Revolution pay-per-view is slated to signal the end of the old era. Post the pay-per-view, the promotion has indicated plans to introduce new changes and initiatives.

According to Sports Illustrated, in the wake of the highly successful Revolution pay-per-view, AEW CEO Tony Khan believes it’s the perfect time to reveal a new set for AEW Dynamite. The move is seen as the beginning of a new era after Sting’s remarkable three-year run and his exit on a high note as an undefeated AEW tag team champion. The new set is expected to generate excitement among fans.

“Tonight is the perfect time, especially coming off an amazing AEW Revolution,” said Khan, who is also AEW’s GM and Head of Creative. “In many ways, it was the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. Sting ended his phenomenal three-year run in AEW and the most iconic career in wrestling, going out on the highest of notes as an undefeated AEW tag team champion. So tonight is the start of a new era, and people are going to be very excited when they see this new set on Dynamite.”


Michael Mansury, AEW’s Executive Vice President and Head of Global Production, played a key role in the creation of the new Dynamite set. The decision to revamp the set and reintroduce certain elements, such as the tunnels and the EVP elevator, was influenced by fan feedback and a desire to connect with AEW’s rich history. The new set aims to strike a chord with fans, combining nostalgia with modern enhancements for an improved viewer experience.

”When I joined AEW in November of ’22, there was already a change in the works coming for Dynamite,” said Mansury. “That started in January of this year with a brand-new set and brand-new graphics package, and the reception was pretty mixed to it. But something was missing.”

“The company has a very rich history despite being a five-year-old brand, and Tony has a wonderful sense of history. We did a throwback episode of Dynamite for Dynamite 200, and the reception was pretty big. Tony really listens to our fan base, and there was a call to go back to the roots of AEW.”

”We deployed parts of that at Grand Slam, and I wanted to expand upon it and make it bigger,” said Mansury. “We have so many elements coming that fans are really going to enjoy. This past Sunday, we reintroduced the EVP elevator for The Young Bucks. Tonight you’ll see an enhanced evolution of the past. There is a nice tip of the cap that brought us to the dance, and a look that will really strike a chord with our fans.”

We have also reported that AEW is planning to introduce new theme song for Dynamite as part of their overhaul plans. We will have to wait and see how AEW Dynamite’s rebirth will turn out for fans.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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