Sting and Darby Allin secured the AEW Tag Team Championships last month and defended their titles against The Young Bucks at AEW Revolution. The match was nothing short of incredible, featuring a particularly dangerous moment involving Darby Allin. Unsurprisingly, Jim Cornette eviscerated Darby Allin for the spot.

At the main event of the AEW Revolution pay-per-view, Sting and Darby Allin triumphantly defended their AEW World Tag Team Titles against The Young Bucks. Packed with nostalgic callbacks and emotional moments, the match left a lasting impression on the fans in attendance. In the end, Sting and Darby Allin retained their titles, culminating in Sting’s retirement with an undefeated record.

In Sting’s retirement match at AEW Revolution, Darby Allin’s daring move involved diving from a ladder through a glass panel inside the ring. His entire back was covered with blood after the spot.

While speaking on The Jim Cornette Experience, Cornette engaged in a debate about whether the glass Darby Allin went through was real or fake, emphasizing the substantial danger it posed to the audience.


Describing the sequence of events, Cornette highlighted Darby’s risky maneuver off a 15-foot ladder through the glass, chairs, and onto the concrete floor. He expressed concern about the potential hazards, regardless of the glass’s authenticity, citing the risk of injuries to both the performers and spectators, including the possibility of glass shards reaching the crowd.

”So then, Darby set up the ladder in the middle of the ring and almost went to the top of it. As Nicky for no reason is just staggering in front of the chairs with the pane of glass, Darby does a cannonball off the top and the other dipsh*t brother pulls one brother out of the way and Darby goes back first off a 15-foot ladder in a ring, through the glass, through the chairs and to the concrete floor. Everything explodes everywhere. They throw Sting through the glass later on that was leaned up in the ring in the corner, so when he went ass first through it, it shot glass everywhere in the crowd.”

”Now, here’s 2 things; was it real glass or was it fake glass? Well, to be honest, I don’t know, because these people are stupid enough to use the real sh*t. But it cut Darby’s back open everywhere, he was punctured and sliced and whatever the f*ck. But besides that, it blew into a million pieces.”

”So whether it was fake glass or real glass, if you get that in your eye, if someone in the crowd opened their mouth at the right time and it went down their throat, or some kid if it lands in their drink and they drink it and they are choking. What the f*ck! Whether it was fake glass or not it was a real bump off a 15 foot ladder through sh*t onto chairs on the concrete.”

Cornette expressed profound disappointment in Darby Allin, singling him out for criticism compared to other AEW talents. He outlined his frustration with Allin’s potential, talent, and charisma, stating that Allin could have been a dynamic underdog babyface with proper guidance. However, Cornette criticized Allin for his reckless and self-destructive behavior in the ring, describing him as the “biggest f*cking moron” and a “complete idiot” who is not producible.

“Here’s why I am finished with Darby Allin. Unlike most of these guys that AEW has jerked off the indies, he’s got some talent and some charisma. He has an appeal. As we have mentioned before years ago before we found out that it wasn’t gonna take place, if you produced him and you brought him along he could be a dynamic underdog babyface that sells and blah, blah, blah. But they have made it so preposterous that nothing can stop him and the littlest guy can just come back from everything.”

”Then, we have gotten to know that as a person, as a human being, Darby Allin is the biggest f*cking moron that has ever stepped foot on this earth and drawn a breath. He’s a goddamn mental case and he ought to be put away somewhere for his own safety and those of others. He is not producable because he is a complete idiot. Even if you tell him don’t do this sh*t, you make the business look like sh*t, you make it phoney as f*ck and you’re gonna kill yourself and we are gonna lose our investment in you because you ain’t gonna be worth a sh*t, all those many reasons.”

Cornette emphasized that Allin’s disregard for his own safety and the integrity of the business, despite having talent, charisma, and appeal, led to his decision to discontinue support for the wrestler. He expressed concern about the example Allin sets for the industry and the wasted opportunity due to his unwillingness to use his talent in a more sensible manner. Cornette concluded by urging Allin to stay away from him and lamented the squandered potential of someone who could have made a significant impact in the wrestling world.

”He just wants to do this sh*t because he doesn’t care whether he hurts himself or not, which is the classic textbook definition of a f*cking moron! So I cannot continue to support a guy that has some talent and some charisma that refuses to use it and refuses to set any example and refuses to do this the right way. Now, after he has done this, he’s gonna come back and finish the match by the way. Then he got sewed up and he’s put out on the internet that this shouldn’t interfere with him leaving next month, he’s going to go climb Mount Everest. I hope you do climb Mount Everest you brainless tw*t.

”Stay as far away from me as possible so I don’t have to keep telling you what a f*cking idiot you are and what a golden opportunity that you are wasting because some f*cking mark billionaire will pay you guaranteed money to go out there and jack off like a f*cking moron, like you’re goddamn Danny Knoxville or whatever the Jackass guy’s name is. He just wants to get hit in the nuts over and over. F*ck you and your f*cking nuts Darby. It’s worse to waste talent and opportunity when you have it than not to ever have it to begin with.”

Darby Allin also required multiple stitches following the horrific spot. Darby Allin’s fearless approach to his performances consistently sparks discussions among fans, with many expressing concerns that his high-risk maneuvers could jeopardize his career. Despite these worries, Allin remains steadfast in pursuing his unique style, and fans can only hope that he avoids prematurely ending his career due to the extreme stunts he undertakes.

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