The WWE Universe in NXT has been on a spree to witness a handful of returns to the black and gold brand in recent memory. Last week it was the mysterious Shawn Spears and this week, it was the dynamic Sol Ruca who reemerged back to the scene.

During tonight’s edition of WWE NXT Roadblock, Fallon Henley was slated to compete in a one-on-one match against Blair Davenport.

The match was moving fast-paced with the NXT audience in attendance on their feet to witness an exciting match between two top stars of the NXT women’s division looking to make a statement.

However, towards the end of the bout, Blair’s old rival from the past, Sol Ruca nearly missed a year of her career due to a torn ACL injury made her unexpected presence at ringside and assisted Henley in picking up the win over Davenport.


With Sol Ruca looking ready to go and potentially aligning herself with Fallon Henley, it will be interesting to see her pick things off right where she left off, possibly starting her road to the top with Blair Davenport as her first target.

What are your thoughts on Sol Ruca making her return to WWE NXT? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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