During the pre-show preceding AEW Revolution, fans were treated to an unexpected sighting as PAC resurfaced via a compelling vignette. Addressing the speculation surrounding his prolonged absence, PAC offered insight into his whereabouts and state of mind, revealing that he had been isolated, blinded, and nearly broken. However, he defiantly proclaimed his resilience, declaring that Tony Khan would never be able to rid himself of him, likening himself to a cockroach that refuses to be eradicated.

In the enigmatic vignette, PAC’s words echoed with a sense of defiance and determination, hinting at his imminent return to the AEW arena. While no concrete return date was provided, PAC assured fans that he would be making his presence felt once again in the near future.

“Here we go again. A tale as old as time. The Forgotten Bastard. Where have you been boy?! This is where I’ve been. Now, you tell me, who said life’s not hard? Every man has his struggles. Do you think that I don’t know the burden of shame? Isolated, blinded, broken. I almost popped my clogs, but I didn’t!

“You’ll never get rid of me, Tony Khan,” he continued. “I’m like a cockroach. An indestructible little bastard always lurking in the underbelly. I will be back very soon, whether you like it or not, but I am going to drag this festering storm of a company into a new age. Because I’m alive, ladies and gentlemen, and doesn’t it feel good to be alive?”


The return of PAC, a formidable force in the AEW roster, has been long-awaited by fans, with his last appearance on AEW television dating back to July 26, 2023. As anticipation builds for his comeback, fans eagerly await the next chapter in PAC’s journey and the impact he will undoubtedly make upon his return to the ring.

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