Jey Uso has emerged as one of the most exciting attractions on Monday Night RAW ever since he began his run as a singles competitor. Moreover, with the fans who have already got onboard on his YEET bandwagon, Jey recently disclosed what exactly the popular catchphrase means.

During recent interview with WWE backstage interviewer Jackie Redmond, Main Event Jey Uso was asked about what YEET actually meant.

The former WWE tag team champion clearly stated that it had no fixed meaning and could be used in any way in a lot of conversations, depending on how you answer and how you say it.

“YEET means Yes, No, maybe … go get some food YEET, going to workout YEET, you know did you like that movie (with a hesitant face) YEET (Jackie says “it is a term of excitement, it could mean many things) Many Things.”


Jey Uso began using the catchy word ever since he arrived on WWE’s flagship show last summer, following a treacherous betrayal from his own brother, Jimmy Uso at WWE SummerSlam.

Jimmy then began using the ‘No YEET’ catchphrase being a direct reference to the opposition he had for his brother Jey. Not only that, Jimmy recently cost Jey chance to claim the WWE Intercontinental Championship on RAW last week.

With all signs pointing towards a huge collision between the real-life brothers, it looks like a matter of time before the match is made official for the Grandest Stage of them all, WrestleMania 40, for which the fans would definitely say with excitement, YEET.

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