Gigi Dolin gained prominence as one-half of Mandy Rose’s former faction, Toxic Attraction in NXT. It was during the same tenure that she met her fiance, Zachary Wentz formerly known as Nash Carter who made an interesting observation regarding WWE’s upcoming video game installment, WWE 2K24.

The newest WWE 2K video game is set to release this month with much anticipation built around it. However, the fans got a glimpse of what the new MyRise career mode has in store for enthusiast video gamers this year.

The mode gives the players an opportunity to create their own superstar and navigate around the WWE landscape in hopes of reaching stardom and creating their own journey in the global juggernaut.

In accordance with the game’s tradition, this year’s two campaigns will showcase a variety of unique WWE storylines, with a sneak peek provided in the latest trailer. However, one storyline attracting a lot of attention involves the player’s custom male character tying the knot with NXT’s Gigi Dolin.


Although specific details about the wedding ceremony remain undisclosed, it has already attracted the interest of both Gigi Dolin and her real-life fiancé, TNA Wrestling star Zachary Wentz. He took to his X, playfully urging fans to include him in this year’s game to help him finish his own story.

“Yall better create me in the game and finish my story…..I’m watching yall….”

Gigi Dolin also teased her admirers on X that it was the only opportunity they could have her to marry her.

Only in @WWEgames can you have this good of an opportunity.”

Gigi Dolin’s storyline gained a lot of attention before WWE 2K24 even made the shelves of stores. So it would be interesting to see what exactly leads to this marriage storyline when the game officially launches this week.

What are your thoughts on the Gigi Dolin marriage storyline in WWE 2K MyRise mode? Sound off in the comments!

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