Matt Riddle’s tenure in WWE was marked by controversy arising from his behavior outside the ring, ultimately resulting in his unexpected release last year. In fact, Riddle believes his lucrative WWE deal was a key factor in his firing.

In an interview with Ariel Helwani, Riddle revealed that he believes there were multiple reasons for his release, citing incidents at the airport and a failed drug test. He also disclosed that he was on track to earn $1 million before his departure, suggesting it could have played a role in WWE’s decision.

“…It was written in my contract that I was going to make a $1 million this upcoming year guaranteed, which was a lot more than I was making last year and a lot more than what I was making a year before that, so I think there were multiple variables that played into my departure.”

‘The King Of Bros’ also addressed whether he believes WWE merging with UFC to form TKO Group Holding was a factor in his release. Despite being a former UFC fighter with previous issues, Riddle thinks his contract was the primary reason for his departure.


Responding to Helwani’s question about TKO Group Holding’s role in his release, Riddle believes it was minimal, if at all. He attributes his pay increase and perceived value at the time as more influential factors in WWE’s decision.

“…I think at the end of the day, it was a complete business move and one thing that I have noticed with all of these guys, just like I failed a bunch of drug tests and got fired from the UFC. Other people have failed drug tests and still have jobs,” said Riddle. He continued, “…I think, for the most part, it was a money thing. I think maybe my value went down a little bit, and for the amount they were still paying me or guaranteed to pay me, I honestly think that played a bigger factor than anything.”

Matt Riddle also revealed why he had heat with people in WWE. Nonetheless, Riddle is currently thriving in NJPW and other promotions, as he is determined to make 2024 his best year yet. It remains to be seen whether The Original Bro will ever make his triumphant return to WWE one day.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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