The WWE Universe can sometimes subject the talented pool of superstars to situations that are unforeseen and unpleasant. A similar incident recently happened with WWE superstar Maxxine Dupri, but she had support right behind her from the women’s division.

The member of the Alpha Academy was heavily booed at a recent WWE live event with the video breaking reach barriers and going viral on social media. The experience was certainly not pleasant for Maxxine, who has been working hard to make her mark inside the squared circle.

Firstly, it was the Eradicator and current WWE Women’s World champion Rhea Ripley who came to her defense. Right after, LWO member Zelina Vega joined the fray to voice her support for her fellow WWE superstar.

La Muneca took to her X to express her displeasure regarding the situation, crediting Maxxine Dupri for her work ethic and being a kind-hearted individual while shutting down haters who tried to hamper her confidence in performing for the fans.


“This is absolutely horrible. She doesn’t deserve that. She’s such a kind soul and works really hard. I would love if the bad parts of the biz don’t harden her heart. They probably just mad cuz they can’t drink your bath water Maxine.”

Maxxine Dupri is still very young in her WWE career, yet she has done some fantastic work as part of the Alpha Academy. We will have to wait and see if she responds to the situation that has created wildfire all over social media platforms.

What are your thoughts about Zelina Vega coming to the aid of Maxxine Dupri? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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