AEW has undergone numerous changes and experienced substantial growth in various areas, with business gradually expanding for the company across multiple avenues. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that AEW could be adding another pay-per-view event this year.

Every year, the company has witnessed some form of growth, be it in the number of talents, improved production values, or more. They have also expanded their number of pay-per-views over the years as well.

According to Sean Ross Sapp behind Fightful’s paywall, there is speculation surrounding a recent trademark filed by AEW for the term “Dynasty.” It was noted that the trademark is linked to a pay-per-view event or special show scheduled for the spring, potentially in April. AEW has not hosted a PPV event in April throughout its history, making this potential event notable.

As of now, no AEW events after April 3 in Worcester have been officially announced, and the information suggests that the “Dynasty” event could be scheduled for April. The specific location for the event is not yet known, but sources within Warner Bros. Discovery indicate that an April show is in the works.


”A recent AEW trademark has caused speculation as to what it could be about. Last week, Fightful reported that AEW filed a trademark claim for Dynasty. We’ve since learned via Warner Bros. Discovery sources that the trademark is connected to a pay-per-view event or special show, targeted for the spring. Word within All Elite Wrestling that we’ve heard is that it could be an April event. AEW has never done an April PPV event in the company’s history. As of now, no AEW events after April 3 in Worcester are announced, all the way up to the company’s Canadian tour kicking off on May 1. We’ve not learned the potential location for the event, only that within WBD an April show is”

As previously reported, AEW also plans to host two stadium shows in the USA this year. We will have to wait and see whether they will end up debuting a new pay-per-view in April, as the company is clearly determined to expand in a big way.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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