Rikishi is among the most popular wrestlers in WWE of all time. The WWE Hall of Famer was known for his risky moves and in-ring charisma. Recently, the veteran wrestler reflected on his career and the sacrifices he had to make throughout his wrestling journey.

In an interview with The UK Metro, WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi opened up about the unforgettable moment at Armageddon 2000 when he was thrown off the Hell in a Cell and landed on a flatbed truck. The match remains marked in wrestling history for its high-stakes action and jaw-dropping stunts.

Rikishi revealed the personal toll the stunt took on him, admitting that he “almost got divorced” from his family over the decision to perform the risky move. Despite the backlash from his loved ones, Rikishi emphasized the mindset of wrestlers as performers, highlighting the sacrifices they make for the sport and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities they encounter.

“I almost got divorced from my family. It was like, you know, they were p***ed off that I did that move, the sacrifice. But, at the time, they didn’t understand that’s just what we do, as performers, as wrestlers, you know? You already prepped your mind, you know, ‘I can only get this opportunity one time. I can either take it or back out’, and I chose to take it. And, you know, years later, I’m still getting residuals over 25 years from that bump.”


While reflecting on his decision to take the plunge off the cell, the former WWE star explained that he weighed the risks and rewards, ultimately choosing to seize the opportunity despite the potential consequences. He added that over 25 years later he continues to receive residuals from the iconic bump, highlighting the lasting impact it had on him.

Meanwhile, it’s been ages since Rikishi took to the ring and fans are heavily pushing for his return to WWE. The pro-wrestler recently talked about possibility of returning to the ring, expressing that he would love to return to the squared circle alongside The Bloodline one day. It remains to be seen what he does next as the anticipation mounts for his comeback.

What’s your take on Rikishi’s comments on his iconic match? What do you think the wrestlers have to go through to give such action packed matches? Let us know in the comments!

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