Matt Cardona has announced his decision to continue his journey with Game Changer Wrestling.

Taking to Twitter on February 27, Cardona confirmed that he has re-signed with GCW, although specific details regarding the extension remain undisclosed at this time. GCW has yet to officially comment on the news.

Cardona’s tenure with GCW has been marked by significant moments, most notably his victory over Nick Gage in a memorable Death Match at GCW Homecoming 2021, where he clinched the GCW World Championship. Following this triumph, he adopted the moniker “The Deathmatch King” and enjoyed a successful stint as an independent wrestling sensation, earning the title of the “Indy God.”

With a storied career spanning multiple promotions worldwide, including notable stints with NWA and TNA, Cardona has amassed an impressive resume of championship victories. His influence extends beyond the ring, as he has also played a role in bringing talent like Steph De Lander to GCW and engaging in unique stipulation matches, such as his bout against Jimmy Lloyd, where the loser had to serve as his Broski for a month.


As the wrestling world awaits further details regarding Cardona’s continued partnership with GCW, Ringside News remains committed to providing updates as they emerge, ensuring fans stay informed about the latest developments in the industry.

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