Darby Allin has gained recognition for his daredevil persona and thrill-seeking antics. This isn’t just a gimmick; it reflects his real-life personality. In line with his adventurous spirit, Allin intends to climb Mount Everest this year and he has made it clear only an avalanche or a yeti would stop his quest.

As previously reported, Darby Allin plans on climbing Mount Everest next year. Naturally, this is a major endeavor and there are several risks involved, as Mount Everest is a very dangerous place.

Before his Mount Everest trek, Allin is set to defend the AEW World Tag Team Championships with Sting against The Young Bucks at Revolution, billed as Sting’s final match.

Allin stated on the Battleground Podcast that transitioning back into a solo role after Sting’s retirement will be interesting. He sees climbing Mount Everest as a means to re-enter that mindset, expecting to emerge as a ‘different beast’ afterwards.


”I’m gonna get a big ass scorpion tattoo on my face (to honor Sting after he retires). No, no, no (that’s not me being serious).”

I think it’s gonna be really interesting after that because I forgot what life was like before Sting. He’s just always been there now and that’s why I’m kind of going on that vision quest after he hangs up the boots and go climb Mount Everest and kind of remind myself what I’m capable of when I do dig deep down inside and I’m just gonna have a lot of time on that mountain to remind myself exactly who Darby Allin is and what I’m capable of and once I come back down, I’m gonna be a whole different beast and I’m looking forward to it. But, I feel like right now is the perfect time for Sting to retire. He’s been rocking so let’s just end it while we’re hot.

Allin shared insights into his training for the climb, revealing that he partnered with Adventure Consultants. Despite lacking mountain experience, they deemed him ready after rigorous training.

”I don’t think anybody will truly understand how hard this has been. If everyone thinks I’m super reckless and I just go to Mount Everest with zero mountain experience. So I signed up with a company. The idea came late last spring so I signed up with a company called Adventure Consultants. They’re like the premiere Mount Everest climbing group and then I said, ‘I wanna climb Mount Everest!’ And they’re like, ‘Do you have any experience climbing?’ And I said, ‘Absolutely not’ and then they go, they’re like, ‘Well, the next climbing is happening April so you got six months to train for the biggest mountain in the world with zero mountain experience, on top of all the crazy stuff you do in the ring and outside the ring.

Allin recounted the skepticism he faced and the extensive global training he underwent. Despite witnessing others struggle, he felt surprisingly well-prepared. Concluding his training successfully, the only potential hindrances he joked about were an avalanche or encountering a Yeti on Mount Everest.

”We’re gonna be honest, we don’t think you’re capable of that’ and I said, ‘Alright, well put me up to the test. Any training program you have, let’s go’ and I flew to so many different countries and so many different mountains I’ve climbed. It’s been gnarly, it’s been so gnarly. I could talk for an hour about what happened on those mountains and how gnarly — people were coughing up blood, crapping their pants.”

”Meanwhile, I felt completely fine. I was just tired and then there’s people that climb mountains that are throwing up blood, all this stuff and they’re like, ‘What’s your secret?’ And I was like, ‘I honestly have no idea. It’s like what I put my body through for my whole life and it got me ready for these moments like that.’ So, it’s been crazy but, by the end of the training, I finished everything with flying colors and they told me, ‘You have what it takes to climb Mount Everest.’ So the only thing that’s gonna stop me is either an avalanche or a Yeti. So, we’ll see.”

We will have to wait and see whether Darby Allin will have a successful trek and end up conquering Mount Everest, as fans simply want him to return to AEW television in one piece.

Do you feel Darby Allin will be successful in his Mount Everest conquest? Sound off in the comments section below!

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