CM Punk has been known as the Voice of the Voiceless, known to rally the fans on his side, whether they loved him or hated him. After launching an investigation in regards to his status as a playable character in WWE 2K24, Punk has now got his wish.

The Best in the World sent out a video earlier today that while he knew that it was a little late to become a part of the main WWE 2K24, Punk could still make it to the DLC edition but there was no word regarding the same and he decided to take matters into his own hands.

The fans rallied to voice their desire to see CM Punk returning to a WWE game after nearly nine years, with his last appearance being in WWE 2K15, which showcased his historic rivalry with John Cena in the 2K Showcase mode.

During the broadcast of tonight’s RAW, Michael Cole announced the latest additions to the DLC pack and confirmed that the former WWE champion, CM Punk has indeed been included in it.


Punk’s desire to see himself included in WWE 2K24 might have brought a certain sense of happiness amidst recuperating from his triceps injury and being bummed for missing WrestleMania 40 that he had hoped to headline. So with Punk achieving one of his wishes, it seems like a matter of time before he claims his other aspirations.

What are your thoughts about seeing CM Punk return to the WWE 2K video game? Sound off in the comments!

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