Sasha Banks and Naomi made headlines after they walked out in the middle of WWE Raw back in 2022. They then resurfaced as Mercedes Mone and Trinity Fatu, although they have not worked together in the ring since then. Now, Ariane Andrew shared her thoughts on Banks’ decision for not making a comeback to WWE.

In an interview with Steve Fall, former WWE star Ariane Andrew, known as Cameron, discussed her upcoming promotion’s event and shared insights on recent wrestling developments. During the interview, Andrew touched on various topics, including Banks’ decision not to return to WWE. Additionally, she raised concerns about wrestling media credibility, stressing the unreliability of online information.

“I don’t know what the backstage scene is like, I don’t know the story, you know. It’s actually really hard to comment on that. Because it’s like, who knows? Unless something leaks on the dirt sheets. And even then again, you can’t believe that. That’s the f**king internet. Half the time its f**king false…if it’s on the internet. It’s true. Right? …That’s like that’s so that’s too hard of a speculation to say why?”

Andrew highlighted the unreliability of internet rumors and the importance of waiting for direct statements from the individuals involved. She further added that without firsthand knowledge or official statements, it is difficult to speculate about the motives behind certain decisions in the wrestling industry.


“[Unless] it comes out of her mouth, it’s too hard of a speculation to say why (she didn’t return to WWE). Maybe it’s like what Trinity did, like, I’m going to go over here and maybe get the things I’ve been asking for or want or truly desire, or I want to try something new. Who knows? I don’t make speculations because people will twist them.”

Andrew wanted to avoid baseless assumptions, stating that unless Banks herself reveals the motivations behind her decision any speculation remains unfounded. Meanwhile, Andrew’s promotion, Pound Town Wrestling, is gearing up for its next show on April 3rd, 2024, which will stream live on

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