Randy Orton made his return at Survivor Series back in November last year and in the months since then, firmly established himself as one of the top Superstars in WWE again. Reports suggested that WWE planned on changing his iconic theme song and Orton has now confirmed that to be the case.

It was previously reported that WWE was contemplating music change for Randy Orton. The concept involved initially reverting to his old music to re-establish his presence, followed by the introduction of new tunes in subsequent performances.

However, WWE ultimately decided to nix the idea entirely and stick with ‘Voices’ by Rev Theory. While speaking to Graham “GSM” Matthews, Randy Orton addressed the report about a potential change in his music. Orton expressed appreciation for Rev Theory and acknowledged that while his current song is great and enjoyed by many, he personally has not loved it to the same extent.

Orton highlighted that certain entrance themes, such as those of New Day, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Roman Reigns, have a particular impact on him. Orton confirmed that there is truth to the reports, stating that he was equally involved in the process with WWE.


“Rev Theory is great. My song is great. A lot of people enjoy it. I have never loved, loved, loved it. You see me bouncing my head to New Day’s music or AJ Styles comes to the ring with his music. I’m singing along. Samoa Joe, when he was with us. The instrumentals. Roman, Judgment Day. There is some music that gets me going. The kind of music I listen to in the gym, the kind of music that pumps me up, doesn’t really fit Randy Orton the character. There is some truth to what you read. I was just as much behind it as WWE.”

They worked on a new song throughout the summer, but it constantly evolved based on feedback from WWE higher-ups, leading to uncertainties about the change. Ultimately, at Survivor Series, the decision was made to stick with “Voices” because of its strong connection with fans. Orton expressed reluctance to make drastic changes, emphasizing that consistency has been a key element of his successful career, and if something isn’t broken, there’s no need to change it.

We actually were working throughout the summer, me and Neil Lowry, with a new song. It kind of kept evolving and evolving, and when we thought we had something, a higher-up, some WWE brass would listen to it, and they’d go, ‘That kind of sounds like Roman’s here. Take that out.’ It would evolve again. ‘Now what do you think?’ ‘We need to change this part because we need better cues for camera angles.’ It would evolve. It got to a point where, we played it at Survivor Series with the intent of, ‘Am I going to come out to a new song tonight?”

The decision in the 11th hour was ‘Voices’ is a song that people have learned to love and goddamnit, even though it doesn’t necessarily get my blood pumping, it gets all those fans pumping and they know when they hear the first few notes, they know who is walking down to the ring and how that makes them feel. To change all of that…I was going to change my gear, I was going to try and make all these changes. I bought a pair of f***** kickpads. ‘Let me try and change my look.’ In the 11th hour it was like, ‘What am I doing? I’m going to look like some old guy who changed his clothes.”

I think the only change I had was, instead of ORTON on the back of my gear, it says RKO. That’s the kind of change, unless you’re looking for it, you’re not going to notice. I like the fact that, throughout my career, I’ve worn the same shit, come out to the same s***, done the same s***, and it’s worked. If it ain’t broke, why change it?

Nevertheless, fans are likely happy he didn’t change his song in the end. The Viper is currently scheduled to take part in the Men’s Elimination Chamber match at the Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event on February 24th. The outcome of the bout in Perth, Australia, and whether he will emerge victorious is yet to be determined.

Are you shocked Randy Orton wanted to change his iconic WWE theme song? Are you glad they decided to stick with it in the end? Let us know in the comments section below!

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