April is around the corner and Hall of Fame inductions of numerous different wrestling promotions are set to take place. Just a few weeks out of the month, GCW announced Trent Acid as the first inductee of the Indie Hall of Fame Class of 2024. 

A new name has not been announced as the 2024 Indie Hall of Fame inductee and millions around the world are excited for them. GCW has now announced that the Bricoe Brother will also be inducted into the Indie Hall of Fame this year. 

The former 13-time ROH Tag Team Champions are still considered to be one of the most dominant and exciting tag teams in the history of the professional wrestling industry. The world sadly lost Jay Briscoe in January 2023, marking the end of one of the greatest tag teams in the industry. 

With the Hall of Fame induction, fans think this would be the greatest honor that could be given to the duo. Mark Bricoe will accept the Indie Hall of Fame induction honor on behalf of the Briscoe Brothers. 


The tag team’s contribution to the independent circuit will never be forgotten. Though the duo didn’t step into a WWE ring, stars and management from the company have always acknowledged them as one of the best tag teams. 

How do you feel about GCW announcing the Briscoe Brothers as the newest inductee into the Indie Hall of Fame? Drop your thoughts on the comment section below.

Ishaan Rathi

Ishaan has been a follower of wrestling for more than a decade now. His passion to learn new things and enhance his skills has helped him get experience as a writer at websites like GiveMeSport and Fansided. He has also held content manager and editorial roles in FirstSportz before. Apart from wrestling, Ishaan seeks to take time and watch movies and TV shows.

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