Drew McIntyre recently opened up about his experiences with Hell in a Cell matches, revealing it as his ultimate match weakness. Speaking with The West Sport, McIntyre shared his disdain for the grueling structure, particularly recalling a harrowing moment when he took a brutal bump off the side.

“My weakness, my ultimate match weakness is Hell in a Cell,” confessed McIntyre during the interview.

Reflecting on his encounters with the daunting structure, McIntyre vividly recounted the traumatic fall he endured during one match. “I’ve lost every single cell match, I’ve fallen off the Cell. It was the worst bump of my entire career and I fell off 10 feet off the side,” he recalled.

Given his towering stature at 6’7″ with wrestling boots, the fall seemed even more perilous. “So falling 17 foot through a table, and you got a table can break your fall. I’m not going to suggest this for anybody, but you know gravity is a hell of a thing, and you weight 280 [pounds], you pick up speed and it was the worst thing my career.”


The toll of the match extended beyond the physical, as McIntyre disclosed suffering injuries, including biting through his tongue and experiencing severe whiplash. “I bit through my tongue right through the middle. I looked like a snake or something, and yeah, I got this crazy whiplash.”

McIntyre shared that fellow wrestler Seth Rollins shares his sentiments about the brutality of Hell in a Cell matches, emphasizing that the falls from the structure rank among the worst they’ve endured.

McIntyre himself has participated in two Hell in a Cell matches in WWE, one against Bobby Lashley and another against Randy Orton. The memorable incident where he fell off the side of the Cell and onto a table occurred during his title bout against Orton, marking a challenging moment in his career journey.

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