WWE SmackDown has shattered records in the Salt Lake City, Utah market.

During the main event promo segment last night, The Rock made bold claim that has since been confirmed as accurate: the February 16 episode of SmackDown, which airs on FOX for two hours weekly, not only provided great entertainment but also set a new financial milestone for WWE events in the area.

The episode, broadcasted from the Delta Center, included not just the live show for that week but also the taping for the upcoming episode on February 23, contributing to its historic achievement. This dual-event format may have played a significant role in drawing an even larger crowd, eager to experience two WWE spectacles in one evening.

According to Fighful Select, this particular episode of WWE SmackDown was “the highest grossing WWE event ever in the Salt Lake City market.” This achievement underscores the brand’s strong appeal and the unwavering loyalty of its fan base.


WWE’s ability to continuously engage and expand its audience, coupled with the star power of wrestlers like The Rock, proves that the brand is not just maintaining its relevance but is also setting new records in the process.

This historic event in Salt Lake City is a clear indicator of WWE’s enduring legacy and its ability to captivate audiences across the globe.

What factors do you think contributed to WWE SmackDown’s historic achievement of becoming the highest-grossing WWE event ever in the Salt Lake City market? Let us know in the comments below.

Steve Carrier

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