Tony Khan has made a huge name for himself in the sporting world in a short span of time with his multiple ventures in different sports such as the NFL, Premier League, and most notably wrestling, with his direct competitor to WWE, AEW.

During recent interview on “Payne and Pendergast” radio show, the AEW President talked about each day in his schedule being different handling multiple sports.

He started with his wrestling business, claiming that there were no off-seasons in it going year-round. Tony then spoke about his NFL and Premier League ventures and how each of them required a different approach altogether.

“Every day’s different. You’re working in the different sports, you have to devote your attention differently throughout the season, but really there’s no off-season in wrestling. Wrestling’s year-round and there is off seasons to some extent in the NFL and the Premier League, but that’s also scouting time, that’s valuable player personnel time of course, particularly in my role at Fulham as the Sporting Director. There’s really no time off in anything we do, and I just love working in football and wrestling, it’s great.”


Tony Khan’s hard work and resilience have brought immense success to his wrestling promotions, AEW and ROH. Moreover, he assisted his football club, Fulham in avoiding relegation in the 2022-23 season and displaying an excellent performance in the next season.

Lastly, his impressive management skills led his NFL team, the Jacksonville Jaguars reach the Divisional Play-Offs of the NFL in 2022.

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