Mercedes Mone has always been one of the most talked about and seemingly controversial wrestling stars of all time. The CEO of women’s wrestling always wanted the conversation around her going and did it again at the expense of her best friend, Bayley.

The 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble match recently responded to WWE releasing a video that celebrated 5 years of the WWE Women’s tag team titles, something Bayley and Mone advocated for to the top management before its existence.

Bayley reflected on the same, acknowledging how they fought for it to happen while also being grateful for her time teaming up with Mercedes as part of their team, The Boss N Hug Connection in WWE.

Mercedes Mone decided to hype her pending return to wrestling with that and took to her X to tell Bayley to stay tuned for what she was about to fight for next.


“Wait till you see what I’m fighting for next 🥹🤭🤭.”

The former WWE superstar has been rumored to sign with their rival promotion, AEW, and is expected to make her debut at their special show in Mercedes’ hometown, Boston titled AEW Big Business.

Are you excited for Mercedes Mone’s possible AEW debut? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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