The Rock and his family have been a part of the wrestling business for generations. So The Great One very well understands the importance of its fanbase and giving it to the industry that has given him everything.

Despite the fans’ rejection of seeing him in the main event of WrestleMania 40 against his cousin Roman Reigns and The Rock showing his dark side in the last few weeks, he remains true to his love for the business and fans.

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was The Rock himself who took himself out of the WrestleMania 40 main event and put Cody Rhodes in after seeing the fan reactions.

Moreover, he then pitched the idea of turning heel to fuel the storyline further, probably in favor of The American Nightmare and even for the highly anticipated tag team match pitting him and Roman against Cody and Seth Rollins.


“There is said to be far more behind the scenes that hasn’t come out but given the timing can’t be talked about now. But Johnson over the weekend said it was best to be out of the Reigns match, put Cody in, which by this point everyone conceded by then. It was Johnson who then pitched the heel turn and he did pitch the idea of the Reigns & Rock vs. Rhodes & Rollins match for night one. So that was his idea if that is how it turns out.”

With The Rock and Roman Reigns set to appear on this week’s SmackDown, it would interesting to what happens next as this storyline turns heads toward the road to WrestleMania 40.

What will The Rock and Roman Reigns have to say on SmackDown? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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