Drew McIntyre is currently one of the top heels in WWE right now and he has been on a mission to constantly troll and go after CM Punk. This included him bringing out a brand new t-shirt that trolled Punk and McIntyre revealed that he pushed hard for that t-shirt.

During last week’s episode of Monday Night RAW, Drew McIntyre revealed new t-shirt featuring grave site design, symbolizing the supposed burial of CM Punk’s WrestleMania main event. This move is part of McIntyre’s ongoing mockery of the former WWE champion throughout the week.

While speaking to The West Sport, Drew McIntyre talked about his infamous t-shirt. Drew McIntyre shared how a meme idea sparked after the segment where he took out Punk. The meme, featuring a man over the grave doing the peace sign, gained massive popularity.

”Yeah my mate had an idea for the meme after the segment where I took Punk out. You know it’s that meme with the lad over the grave doing the peace sign, so he got that together. And it exploded, it was just funny I’ll put that, so I put it out. Then it got 100K likes or something, millions of millions of views.”


Recognizing its potential, McIntyre contacted the WWE merchandise department, insisting they create a shirt for him to wear on Monday. Threatening to make it himself if needed, he emphasized the humor and potential heat. Fortunately, WWE collaborated, and McIntyre got a version that worked for television.’

”I was like, you know I’m onto something here. So I called the WWE merchandise department and basically told them, ‘Either you’re gonna make me this shirt for next Monday or I’m gonna make it myself, because I’m gonna wear this on Monday. I got an idea and it’s gonna be hilarious and so much heat. Thankfully, they worked with me and I got a version that worked for television.”

Drew McIntyre also wanted fans to buy his new merchandise to pay for ‘unjust fines.’ McIntyre has already qualified for the Men’s Elimination Chamber match, so it remains to be seen how he will fare in the bout.

What’s your view on what Drew McIntyre had to say? Did you buy his new T-shirt as well? Let us know in the comments section below!

Transcription by Ringside News

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