It appears that Drew McIntyre’s contract situation has seen some developments. Initially, there were reports indicating that McIntyre’s WWE contract was set to expire before WrestleMania 40, leading to speculation about his future with the company. However, recent updates suggest otherwise.

According Fightful Select, McIntyre is now confirmed to be scheduled for WrestleMania, indicating that his contract has been extended beyond the event. It’s been reported that some additional time was added to his contract, likely to accommodate for periods of injury and inactivity.

“Fightful Select has confirmed that McIntyre’s deal now extends past WrestleMania, and that some injury and inactivity time was added to the deal in order to get it there.”

It was suggested that discussions have taken place between McIntyre and WWE regarding a new contract, indicating a mutual interest in reaching an agreement. However, as of now, no deal has been finalized, and the situation remains unchanged on that front.


“Sources near McIntyre claim that there have been conversations between the two sides, and it appears as if they want to get a deal done. However, they also claim that one isn’t done, in place, and that nothing has changed on that front.

Within WWE, McIntyre is held in high regard by both talent and staff for his dedication to his work, as well as his involvement in media and community events. Despite the uncertainty surrounding his contract, it’s clear that McIntyre remains a respected figure within the company.

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Steve Carrier

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