Following this week’s NXT show in Orlando, Florida, WWE taped an additional episode where unfortunate events unfolded. Shotzi sustained knee injury during her match against Lyra Valkyria for the NXT Women’s Championship.

The match had to be halted, with Shotzi receiving assistance to leave the ring. To fill the unexpected gap, Lash Legend was called upon for a match against Valkyria.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer provided insights into the situation, confirming that Shotzi’s injury was legitimate and not staged. Bryan Alvarez inquired about the possibility of it being a scripted storyline, but Meltzer clarified that it was not, highlighting the decision to insert Legend’s match as a means to buy time.

Meltzer explained the urgency, noting that there were approximately six minutes of airtime remaining, prompting the need for a quick solution. Speculating on the reasons behind the decision, he suggested that perhaps no other wrestlers were prepared or available at the moment, emphasizing that Shotzi had just finished her match and may have been the only one ready for action.


Regarding Shotzi’s future appearances, Meltzer revealed that she was initially scheduled for a match on Friday’s episode of SmackDown against Tiffany Stratton in a qualifier for the chamber tournament. However, due to the injury, Alba Fyre was selected as her replacement.

While the severity of Shotzi’s injury remains unknown, witnesses observed her leaving the venue with the aid of crutches, indicating it was indeed a knee injury.

“So she was pulled. She was going to be on Smackdown in a match with Tiffany Stratton, which was the qualifier match for the chamber tournament. The decision was made to go with Alba Fyre against Tiffany Stratton in Friday’s match. I don’t know the severity of the Shotzi injury but I do know that she left the building on crutches and it was a knee injury.”

As the curtain falls on yet another eventful episode of NXT, the unforeseen twist of Shotzi’s injury reminds us of the unpredictable nature of professional wrestling.

What are your thoughts on the unexpected turn of events during the recent NXT tapings, particularly with Shotzi sustaining a legitimate knee injury? Let us know in the comments below.

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