Athena has risen to become a cornerstone for AEW’s sister promotion, Ring of Honor, mesmerizing the audience with her exceptional talent and in-ring acumen.

A memorable segment during her run in the promotion saw Athena hosting minion graduation for ROH stars Lexy Nair and Billie Starkz. The November 30, 2023 episode of ROH on HonorClub was billed to be a celebration for the two stars following the grueling minion in training sessions.

However, the ceremony did not end well as Lexy Nair was the one who graduated and not Billie Starkz. That led to her launching an attack on Athena and setting up an encounter between them at ROH’s pay-per-view, Final Battle.

During a recent interview with Lyric Swinton on Sunday Night’s Main Event, the former NXT Women’s champion revealed herself to be the one to pitch AEW President Tony Khan the idea for the minion graduation ceremony.


“None of this would happen without TK. It was really awesome to be able to be given the ball and the faith is given to me each and every week when I go to work. Tony and I work hand in hand with creating minion stuff. I remember telling him, ‘We need a minion graduation.’ He’s like, ‘I’m sorry, what?’ I go, ‘Yeah, we need a minion graduation.’ He’s like, ‘Tell me how this is going to go. I am immensely intrigued.’ He loved the idea. I had my first promo in a very long time out there. I remember sweating. I was like, ‘I’ve been doing one takes backstage. I got this in the bag.’ It’s just an honor to be me.” 

Athena has reigned as the ROH Women’s champion for well over year with a dominant reign. We will have to wait and see if anyone can step up to her and come close to dethroning her and ending, perhaps an impressive reign in Ring of Honor.

Who do you think can beat Athena for the ROH Women’s Championship? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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