WWE NXT’s move to The CW in October has garnered attention, especially with CW President Dennis Miller shedding light on the deal.

In recent interview with Deadline, Miller discussed the significance of securing the rights to NXT prior to WWE’s massive agreement with Netflix for Raw.

“We feel really good about having grabbed that before the big folks stepped up and wrote monster checks,” Miller expressed. “It was some validation of the value of the franchise there. The ratings on NXT have continued to grow as we watch them before they come to the network. So, I think on that level, great.”

The preemptive move by The CW underscores their recognition of NXT’s growing popularity and value in the wrestling landscape. This development comes on the heels of WWE’s landmark 10-year agreement with Netflix to bring Raw to the streaming platform, a deal valued at $5 billion.


As NXT prepares to make its debut on The CW, anticipation is high for how the partnership will unfold and contribute to the ongoing evolution of professional wrestling in the television landscape.

How do you think NXT’s move to The CW will impact both the wrestling industry and The CW network? Let us know in the comments.

Steve Carrier

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